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Jands Vista Console Basics

Posted By: Luke Published: 27/05/2015 Times Read: 3101 Comments: 0

Console Basics

Setting Up a New USB Console

1.      Navigate to the console page

2.      Ensure the USB console is plugged in to the computer properly

3.      Select Console Re-Scan for USB Device

4.      You should see a virtual version of your console show up

5.      Move the faders to ensure you see them moving onscreen

6.      Right click on any other default consoles and select Delete Console

Connecting Universes

1.      On a new console you always want to ensure that universes are mapped properly

2.      Navigate to the patch page 

3.      Select Connect Universe at the top right

4.      Each console type is different in the way it is displayed

5.      Find your console, in this example we will use an M1

6.      You should see 2 lines that say M1

7.      Port info should show 1 & 2 these represent outputs 1 & 2 on the back of your console

8.      Map Port 1 to Universe 1 and Port 2 to Universe 2

Fader Defaults

- Sometimes Vista will remove your default fader buttons when the software is closed and re-opened. Here is a diagram of which buttons to assign by default.

- The top button is considered “select”. On the console page  select cuelist buttons on the bottom right. Drag a select button onto the top button.

- The middle button is considered “play”. On the console page  select cuelist buttons on the bottom right. Drag a play button onto the middle button.

- The bottom button is considered “flash”. On the console page select cuelist buttons on the bottom right. Drag a flash button onto the bottom button. I prefer to change this button to skip back. This allows me to press the bottom button if I accidentally hit play too early, it will go to the previous cue.

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