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Jands Vista Symbols

Posted By: Luke Published: 04/05/2015 Times Read: 2462 Comments: 0


 -Each fixture is represented by an icon. Most generic icons are square. 
 -If the fixture is an LED, the square will fill with the color output, if the fixture is a dimmer, the square will fill with a representation of the intensity level. 
 -To select a fixture simply left click on the icon. A yellow square will appear. When selected you can adjust the parameters using the palettes menu or presets.


 -Groups allow you to select a group of fixtures to apply the same parameters across all fixtures selected.
 -Generally assign groups to fixtures of the same type in similar locations
 -Examples: Back Lights, Face Wash, Up Lights, House Lights, etc.
 -If you find yourself selecting several fixtures often, create a group so you do not have to keep picking each individually.
 -I often like to split out even and odd groups

Left Click vs Light Click

Left Click

 -When you left click on a group, it selects everything in the group and puts a yellow box around everything selected.
 -Generally consider this a hard click, you are now editing everything in the fixture group

Light Click

 -When you right click on a group, it selects just the fixture group item.
 -You are now only moving or editing that button

To deselect, click off into a blank area.


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